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SCORE International Safety Message – Video

Every race organizer has safety rules that must be followed to create a safe environment for spectators, the racers, their support crews and families, and the general public. Often those safety rules can be location specific due to the laws governing the region where the event is held, so it is very important when attending an off-highway racing event to be aware of the specific event rules before going.

OFF-ROAD SPECTATOR has general rules for all off-highway racing events HERE.

SCORE International does a great job presenting the highest quality off-road racing events. Here is a short safety video that all spectators should watch. Also, below are the specific safety guidelines for the upcoming Baja 1000 race in Mexico.




OFF ROAD RACING IS AN INHERENTLY DANGEROUS ACTIVITY. Spectating at the event has a degree of danger and there is a possibility of an accident causing injury, possibly death, property damage or other losses. Expect the unexpected at all times! YOU MUST BEAR THE ULTIMATE RESPONSIBILITY FOR YOUR PERSONAL SAFETY AND THAT OF YOUR FAMILY AND FRIENDS.


All spectators must do their part to protect and preserve the Baja ecological environment. All items you bring to the event with you must go home with you. Pick up and carry out your trash! A good race fan looks after nature and does not litter the countryside.

Obey all instructions of SCORE officials and staff, and local and federal law enforcement at all times. Their primary concern is providing a safe motorsport event for all.

Officials and law enforcement have the right to work without being abused or threatened. Abusive, threatening or violent behavior towards officials or race participants will not be tolerated and spectators may be detained.

When driving to and from spectating locations, be alert for race vehicles, team support vehicles and emergency vehicles. Allow plenty of time to reach your selected viewing point and expect delays. Do not speed on highways and use extreme caution when passing vehicles, and pass only when it is safe.

Park at least 100 feet (30 meters) from the race course so you have time to react to an out of control car or other dangerous situation.

DO NOT stand or sit in areas with no means of escape. Stay behind protective areas such as your vehicle, a rock outcropping or up on a hill wherever possible. Under no circumstances should you position yourself on the outside of a turn, or any other potentially dangerous spot.

DO NOT walk beside, on or across the race course. Stay at least 100 feet (30 meters) from the course at all times. If it becomes absolutely necessary to cross the course, look and listen for approaching race vehicles and never turn your back to the race course. Be very aware of race vehicle speeds. Race vehicles can quickly and easily reach speeds of over 100 mph (160 kph), and will approach much faster than you realize!

At times it may be necessary to land medical support helicopters. When choosing a spectating area, ensure you leave an area to support a helicopter landing area. Look out for flying debris during helicopter landing and take-off.

If trying to assist a race vehicle, you must use extreme caution at all times. Be extremely alert for other approaching race vehicles while helping a race vehicle on or near the race course. If there is a medical situation and the team is not able to call for help, stop the next race vehicle and have them call for help. Do not put yourself in a dangerous position at any time!

DO NOT abuse alcohol or illegal substances at any time at this event. Have a designated driver.

NO ATV’s, motorcycles, bicycles, or UTV’s are allowed to be ridden within 100 feet (30 meters) feet of the race course.

Children under the age of 16 and infants should ALWAYS be accompanied by adults who are responsible for their behavior. At no time should adults allow children to play within 100 feet (30 meters) feet of the race course.

Be certain you have adequate food and water for your entire group. Each person should have clothing to provide protection from the weather.

Leave your pets at home. (If you bring your animals they must be on a leash at all times.)

In case of an accident or medical emergency in Mexico, call 066. This is the equivalent of the U.S. 911.

Be wise, enthusiastic, and civic minded at all times. We hope these recommendations will help you enjoy this spectacular event while cooperating to ensure the safety of all spectators and race participants.

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