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Mike Acton

Mike has been a racing enthusiast his whole life. His brother-in-law is the late Pro Stock Drag Racing legend Dick Landy. Mike’s also an off-road racing competitor in his Jeepspeed 1737, and when not racing he provides strategic remote pit support to low budget race teams. But most of the time he’s an executive in the computer and software development industries, and a great husband and father.

In 2005-2006, while part of Wayne Demonja’s class 7100 race team, Mike realized that spectators were completely unaware of the dangers around them and needed help learning how to be safe spectators. Wanting to see, hear, and feel the excitement of off-road racing, the average Joe doesn’t realize his location at an active race course could be detrimental to his entire family’s safety and likely the safety of others including the racers themselves.

The OFF-ROAD SPECTATOR domain was registered the very day after returning home from the first race of the 2006 season. Mike’s simple goal – show people where to hang out safely around the course, where to camp, what rules to follow, and what dangers to avoid.

After countless fits and starts with volunteer website developers, many unmet promises and commitments, and attempted websites using Drupal, then Joomla, and lastly just plain old HTML, the effort was going nowhere quick. Finally, 10-years to the month, February 2016, Mike just created a WordPress solution himself.

We are excited to make OFF-ROAD SPECTATOR the easiest website spectators go to get authoritative event details, maps, and spectator rules.

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Stephen Partington

Stephen is a friend and former colleague of Mike’s. He loves photography and is eager to be providing original content for OFF-ROAD SPECTATOR.

Additionally, Stephen is a technology systems engineer and a veteran of the computer industry. A self proclaimed gadget guy, he loves to investigate new technologies, mobile devices, and anything that integrates his photography passion.

Stephen is co-administrator of OFF-ROAD SPECTATOR and responsible for finding and implementing some of the key technologies underpinning the WordPress site. Feel free to contact him using the form below if you have any issues or suggestions for the site.




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