Mission Statement



It is the mission of Off-Road Spectator to provide information, guidance, and education to the off-road enthusiast desiring to attend off-highway racing events in North America. We believe in creating long term relationships with event organizers, law enforcement agencies, and sponsors to deliver accurate and actionable guidance to the spectating public.

Our goal is to create a more informed off-road event spectator, better equipped for remote outdoor viewing and camping, and more aware of the real dangers involved in off-highway high performance motorsports. We endeavor to be an extension of the professional off-road racing community, focused solely on the spectating consumer, and acting as the one-stop source for up-to-the-minute authoritative event information for all professional sanctioning bodies.

Our goal is to foster consistent and repeatable spectating behavior, in safe designated areas, reducing risks to both spectators and event organizers. We firmly believe in this mission, the real potential for saving spectator lives, and the important impact on the future of our sport.


MDR-Memorial-Johnson-Valley2010 MDR California 200 ad-hoc memorial, Johnson Valley, California

photo courtesy www.utv5150.com